RolePlaying Rules

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RolePlaying Rules

Post by S1N on Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:33 am

Hello guys,

My name is S1n and I am pretty much the founder of the forum.

Oops, looks like I am going off-topic, again. Wink

So here are the rules.

1.) No GodModding.
Seriously, you are taking the fun out of it.

2.) No Fighting
Everything here in the "roleplaying forum" is just fantasy, do not take things seriously.

3.) Do not de-rail the topic
Do not change the subject.
If the topic is about sci-fi, do not change it to medieval, etc.

4.) Some threads have their own rules, you must follow them.

5.) PG
Remember that minors visit the site, no pornography or anything of that sort.

Last but not the least:

6.) Give respect and have fun
Yup, just what it says on the tin. Giving respect means more fun. More fun means more respect.

Questions are welcome, just make a thread with [HELP] though if the question is about a thread with it's own set of rules, just consult them.
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